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Alternative Aging Medispa believes that effective treatments begin with understanding how the body works

Your growing confidence and glowing results define our success. The Alternative Aging Medispa is led by board-certified and licensed practitioner Phyl McKinney-McClure. Phyl has extensive experience in dermatology and is dedicated to delivering natural-looking, dramatic results. We strive to build a community of empowered individuals passionate about wellness. Visit our smoothie shop and take advantage of our free yoga when you book with us.

Phyl McClure


My name is Phyl McClure, and I am a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. I’m currently licensed in New York and Virginia, and with full practice authority (which means I get to work independently).

“Phyl? I was expecting a man! What’s your real name?” is usually the first question new clients ask me. I was named after my Dad -Philip. So, I’m really just Phyl.

I was born and raised in a small town in northern New York. So far north that Canada is closer than anywhere else.
Between the two of us, my husband and I have five children, ranging in age from 5 to 23!

I enjoy outdoor activities: hiking, kayaking, roasting marshmallows, climbing trees, and, recently, roller skating.
I wrote a book! That, ironically, I have a difficult time describing; but if you like Young Adult novels with a twist, it’s available on Amazon: The Choice by PA Barbara.

I have enjoyed working in health care for 24 years, experiencing everything from maternity to home care. I fell in love with Dermatology and Cosmetics in 2018 – and have passionately pursued knowledge and experience in this area ever since.
I left a thriving dermatology & aesthetics clinic to move to Virginia…for love, of course. I have embraced this change as an opportunity to build my own business – Alternative Aging & Medispa.

I have a passion for injecting because it lets me mix medicine and art. I love helping people to feel good in their skin. My absolute most favorite thing is watching people look in the mirror when we’re done, watching the feelings of surprise and delight, and growing confidence. Because my experience is medical & dermatology, it’s fundamentally important to me to provide results that are subtle yet dramatic. I aim for that “You look great! What’s different???” kind of natural look. I want you to walk away looking and feeling like you – the best possible version of you.

Allan McClure, C.O.O.

(Master of All the Things)

My name is Allan McClure. I am the Chief Operating Officer here at Alternative Aging & Medispa.

While my official title is C.O.O., I am also an active part of the day-to-day activities at the office. You will see me running the machines, drawing blood work, and even doing some consultations.

…there’s nothing fun about me.
I spent six years in the Navy. Most of that time was spent on aircraft carriers working in nuclear power plants.
I have spent most of my adult life working with government defense contractors.
I enjoy Excel. Like, actually.
I joined Alternative Aging & Medispa full-time in January 2023.
And now, my largest challenge on any given day is making sure Phyl and Desy don’t forget to eat. (It’s an ADD thing.) …but, for real.
Oh, and I have deer in my backyard that now depend on me for survival.

It’s difficult for me to put into words the impact Alternative Aging & Medispa has had on my life. And even more difficult to express the ways in which it has affected me personally.
Being at the office full-time is… everything I never thought it would be. I enjoy it in a way I never thought I could enjoy working. That was probably difficult to follow – come see us, and we can talk it out.