MindReferral Program

Send a referral and earn Shop Points! (Up to 5 points per referral!)

Redeem Points In-House:

5 Points

1 EMSELLA treatment, 25 units of Botox,
OR $250 OFF any one syringe of filler

10 Points

1 Neo maintenance treatment, Botox Look of 3 Treatment, $500 OFF any one syringe of filler

15 Points

$750 OFF any EMSCULPT Neo OR EMFACE package, 50% OFF EMSELLA package, 1 FREE syringe of Filler, OR Bank your Botox: 75 units

30 Points

EMSELLA 6 treatment package

70 Points

EMSCULPT Neo: 6 treatment packages to any one body area of choice

80 Points

EMFace: 4 treatment package